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Convert Address to Lat Long

Use this geographic tool to convert any address to latitude and longitude. Please type the address including name of the street, city and state to get more accurate lat long values.

GPS coordinates are also shown alongside.


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Max 14-Nov-19 01:00

Very helpful, very fast and very accurate.

David 10-Nov-19 12:55


John 08-Nov-19 05:06

Works flawlessly. All day long.

Guest 02-Nov-19 02:59

Saved my day. Thank you very much.

Guest 22-Oct-19 03:03

This is a great great tool. Bookmarking it.

Guest 12-Aug-19 05:22

Do you have an API? I need to batch convert my addresses to lat long.

Guest 27-Jul-19 10:37

The app works like a breeze.

Guest 24-Jul-19 03:07

The tool is fast and the coordinates are accurate.